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Free Basic Listing - Facebook Likes and Friends - Cross Promoting with AusEmade

The internet is a busy place for many businesses trying to be found online and it can often be hard to get your website in front of those potential customers.

There are a number of options to improve your online presence, not only through your website, but also through social media.

For those offering travel and related services for Australia, AusEmade offers a number of options for partnering with us, starting from our "Free Basic Listing".


Free Basic Listing

Now if you are considering a "free basic listing" with us, there are a few things to consider.

In order for a web page to rank in the major search engines, among other things, it needs links pointing to the page. These links are called "backlinks" or "inbound links". These links should come from two places: other pages on your own website (called internal linking), and relevant pages on other websites (external linking).

To take advantage of the benefits of us listing you on AusEmade, you need to ensure that you link to us, but don't link to any page... you should link to the page on AusEmade that provides the most benefit to your customers. This is called "deep linking".

For example if you are offering accommodation in Lorne, Victoria, then you should either link to the Lorne Information page and/or the Great Ocean Road page on AusEmade. Not only do you provide an additional valuable resource for visitors to your site, but you get some benefit from the major search engines. You could even provide an additional link to the very page where we display your listing.

When creating the link, use appropriate and meaningful text with the link. Some suggestions:

Travel Great Ocean Road with AusEmade - including Lorne

Travel Australia with AusEmade - heaps of information on Central Australia

Thinking of doing the Oodnadatta Track, then visit AusEmade

Visit Undara Volcanic National Park in the Gulf Savannah, Queensland - AusEmade

Travel Australia with AusEmade

What if you provide a link to me but I do not link back to you?
By not providing a link to us you could be squandering a benefit that should improve your ranking on search engines.

Whilst we could decline your listing, if your site is something that visitors to AusEmade would be interested in, we most probably will still link to you.

However, by providing a link back to the relevant section on our site, you will provide an additional resource for your customers and start building on improving ranking to your website.

Like you, we are a small business trying to improve our place on the internet. We believe in supporting small businesses and one of the easiest and least expensive is by cross linking (a form of free promotion) with each other. So we hope you will link back to us.
Facebook AusEmade
It is becoming rare for a business not to have a Facebook page, in fact some small businesses operate online only through their Facebook page.

You can now interact with AusEmade through their Facebook page, by LIKING and SHARING with us. This provides an additional resource and an important tool for promoting your online business.

It is also easy to do and takes very little time.

If you have linked to our website and we have linked to your website, you then need to ensure that you LIKE and SHARE our Facebook page. Once we have seen you on Facebook, we will then LIKE and SHARE you in return. Now you are expanding your reach, being seen by more people and potentially increasing your customer base.

Make sure you periodically Comment, Like or Share postings from us, as we also will Comment, Like and Share postings from you.

AusEmade on Facebook

Pinterest AusEmade

For those who want to further deepen their partnership with AusEmade, you can Follow AusEmade on Pinterest and post images from our website to your Pinterest boards.

AusEmade on Pinterest

Other Promotional Options
You should consider interacting with other online businesses and services such as
"We Love Independents"... you can read our article on them here...

AusEmade - We Love Independents

Applying for a Free Basic Listing
OK... I am now ready to apply for a "free basic listing" on the AusEmade site...

Before you apply for a "Free Basic Listing", please ensure you have Read our guidelines for linking... Remember, consideration is only given to "travel related services for Australia".

Once you have read the guidelines and met all the eligible criteria, fill in the form and submit your information to us.

As an added bonus, if you have LIKED us on Facebook, we will also include a link to your Facebook business page with your listing on our website, just make sure you email us the details.

If you are not travel-related but would still like to interact with us, you can Like us and Share with us on Facebook.
Affiliate Partners

If you are a registered property / client with one of our partnered affiliates ie Hotel Club, Hostel World, rentahome etc, and we are able to provide a direct link to your listing within their database, you may be entitled to an upgraded listing for free. Please include which partnered affiliate you are listed with, when submitting your listing request.



Due to current projects and workload there will be delays in answering listing request, the exception being Facebook and Pinterest (which we view daily). Our current projects timeline is estimated to be 1 - 6 months. Consideration will be given to travel related service for Australia and New Zealand only during this period.

We are not accepting link requests for overseas sites at this stage. Facebook request are the exception, but must be requested through your Facebook page.

All other listing requests that do not meet our guidelines, will not be answered.
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