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As we all know by now, Facebook has moved across to 'Timeline' - requiring an unusual sized image for the top of your page, known as the "cover photo", plus a smaller portrait image.

The internet is a washed with some very smart and clever looking "Timeline Cover" images and websites have sprung up offering a range of cover photos and assistance for those wanting to create their own.

Overtime, we will be creating our own Timeline images and recording the changing images here. So enjoy... and you can follow us on:

AusEmade Facebook Timeline Cover Images

The Oodnadatta Track - AusEmade Facebook Timeline
Oodnadatta on the Oodnadatta Track, South Australia - AusEmade Facebook Timeline Australia - AusEmade Facebook Timeline Tasmania East Coast - AusEmade Facebook Timeline
Gibber Plains of the Oodnadatta Track - AusEmade Facebook Timeline Gould's Goanna at the Wabma Kadarbu Mound Spring Conservation Park - AusEmade Facebook Timeline
Facebook Timeline: Black-browed Albatross (Thalassarche melanophrys) from Antarctica Big Dog in Mutonia Sculpture Park, Alberrie Creek, on the Oodnadatta Track.
Waratah (Floral Emblem of New South Wales) Sturt's Desert Pea (Floral Emblem of South Australia) Sturt's Desert Pea (Floral Emblem of South Australia)
Desert Grevillea - also known as the Honeysuckle Grevillea Large Green Pussytails (Ptilotus macrocephalus) Weeping Bottlebrush (Callistemon viminalis)
Wax-lip Orchid (Glossodia major) Collared Sparrowhawk
Western Bower Bird (Chlamydera guttata) Eucalyptus caesia subsp. magna - commonly known as Caesia Gungurru or Silver Princess Leptospermum macrocarpum
Leucospermum erubescens, common name Langeberg Pincushion Narrow-leaf Drumsticks (Isopogon aethifolius) Yellow Billybutton (Calocephalus platycephalus)
Poached Egg Daisy (Polycalymma stuartii) Grass Trigger-plant (Stylidium sp.)
Splendid Fairy-wren (Malurus splendens) Port Arthur - Tasmania Echidna (Tachyglossus aculeatus)
Pelicans on Kangaroo Island, South Australia Sunset on Karumba beach, Queensland, Australia Tasmania air charters tours...
View of snow covered landscape to Perisher © Mike Leel The start of the terminal quad chair in Blue Cow (part of the Perisher ski resort) © Mike Leel Early morning heading west out of Alice Springs along Larapinta Drive, following the West MacDonnell Range.
The Breakaways Reserve - Perenties and Goulds goanna are the largest lizards in this region of South Australia. Central Netted Dragon at Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. View from the summit of Mount Kosciuszko...
Desert Trilling Frog (Neobatrachus centralis) at the Ilparpa Claypans. Spencer’s Burrowing Frog in Central Australia... Facebook Timeline Mural
Caving in Mole Creek, Tasmania Australian yabby... Wombats are some of the smartest marsupials... © Katrina Leel
Peron’s Tree Frog (Litoria peroni) © Katrina Leel Emerging Cicada in Alice Springs © Greg Sully
Ilparpa Claypans, Alice Springs, Central Australia, Northern Territory The Snowy Mountains Region in Australia One of Australia's iconic wildlife... the kangaroo with a not so young joey in the pouch...
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