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Why Should I Link?
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Why should I care about reciprocal linking?

Developing A
Good Reciprocal Link Partnership

'Linking' is a form of 'networking'. It spreads the word about your service/business and website.

Building 'inbound links' through reciprocal link exchanges is a simple, yet powerful website promotional tool. When done correctly, increasing your linkage will:

  • improve site visibility / ranking on the internet and in search engines, by raising your link popularity.
  • increase traffic to your website from those websites that have appropriately placed your link1.
  • when linked appropriately, the link provides added resources for visitors to your website.
  • save on advertising cost.

We offer travel related services, the option to have a 'reciprocal link' on the AusEmade site.*

In addition, if approved, your reciprocal link will be placed in the appropriate section of our site. Unlike most other reciprocal linking programs, we do not place your link in a section with thousands of other links. Your link is placed where we consider it most appropriate. So if you provide bed and breakfast accommodation in Alice Springs, your listing will appear in our Alice Springs accommodation section for bed and breakfast. This means that visitors to our site, know where to go to find specific information, and your listing will be seen by those people who are looking for that category of information.

Our partners know, that for a small outlay, you can upgrade your listing through any one of our many valued options.

For information on 'reciprocal linking' with AusEmade, click here...

Before you apply for a reciprocal link, see our guidelines...

Remember, linking is a great way of promoting your service through another website that is closely related to what you have to sell.

So if you are trying to promote your travel related services within Australia, make sure you try and get listed on other sites that are in the same category.

Do you have a Facebook page for your business, then let us 'Like each other'...


* AusEmade reserve the right to re-word or decline all reciprocal links requests.
The Don'ts of Linking
1 Avoid 'Link Farms'
These are websites where most of the pages contain more than 100 or more links per page. These website usually contain very little content of their own, becoming more of a link repositories. In most cases, exchanging links with such a website can cause some search engines to penalise your own website for participating in what is termed as 'link spamming'.

There are also a number of other sites that place all their links into a single group, often spilling into many pages. There can be little value of having your link within such a site, unless you are listed within the first few lines. Most visitors to a website do not waste their time trawling through pages of links in the vain hope of finding what they want.
  Avoid Non Relevant Directories
There is very little value in listing your website in a directory style website that is not related to your core business. If you are providing holiday accommodation or tours, then it makes sense to be listed in a directory whose main business is travel. Of even better value is a 'specialist directory' for your country, so if your business is Travel in Australia, then directories whose main business is Australian Travel, makes more sense.
  Avoid Three Way Links
We often get requests for a 'three-way link'. These are attempts by SEOs and webmasters who promote or own multiple sites to build up these sites by offering link exchanges from other sites they manage. The process involves that they offer one or more links from a number of sites in their portfolio, if you link to their main site that they are trying to build up. In its simplest form, this is an attempt to manipulate search results. Although there may be legitimate reasons to do three way links, the vast majority that we have encountered are not worth doing, and may seriously be detrimental to your own website ranking. In addition, the promised link may appear to lull you into a false sense of security, then disappear in 30 days, providing them with a one-way link.

Often these other sites have nothing to do with the core business or topic of your website, and having their link on your website provides no benefit for visitors to your site - so why would you do it, especially if down the track it may prove detrimental to your own ranking.
  Evaluate the Website
Always check out the website you are going to provide a reciprocal link with. If they have a linking page that has many links, unrelated business topics, and a mishmash presentation, then having your link on that page is not such a great idea, especially if you are providing them with a 'good linking placement' on your website.

Reciprocal Link Guidelines - Other links

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