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Reciprocal Link Guidelines
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Why Should I Reciprocal Link?
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If you are applying for a 'reciprocal link' or a 'free listing' 1, the following must apply before we will even consider your request:

  • Your site/information must be about travel or fit within one of AusEmade's existing categories.
  • If you have your own site, you must provide us with a reciprocal link2.
  • The reciprocal linking page must be obvious and accessible from the homepage of your site3.
  • Our link must be on an appropriate page and grouped/categorised correctly. Do not expect a link if our link is buried in a section with thousands of other links and impossible to find.
  • The page containing our link must be 'crawlable' by search engines
    ie they must be able to get to that page by following links that start from the home page3.
  • The link must be on the same domain/website that you are requesting us to link to (we do not accept three-way link request).
  • You are only entitled to one 'free listing', even if you own multiple sites.
  • You are only entitled to one 'free listing' on this site, even if your listing fits a number of categories. Multiple listings are chargeable.
  • Your site must be in English or be part of an English component, as we currently do not have the facility to cater for multiple languages.
  • You must be a legitimate business4.

Please ensure you read the following footnote and 'Why Your Link Request Is Declined' for additional important information.


1 Due to current on-going projects, we are currently not providing any link request to overseas sites.
2 We need to confirm the link to AusEmade, before approving or providing the link to you.
3 Search engines index websites by following links, usually from the domain home page. If the search engines cannot get to information and links on a specific page, then it cannot index it, and you lose any benefits of providing such links.
4 You must be a legitimate business. For Australian based businesses, we may need to verify an ACN or ABN number, before considering your request for a listing.
5 If your site is ineligible for a listing, do not expect a reply. If your request is eligible under our guidelines and you have not heard back from us within 3 months (that is the current delay due to the number of request), send us another request. Your email may may not have reached us.

Priority is given to request providing specific Australian tourism related accommodation, attractions, tours, transport etc. A lot of incoming emails to us are marked as spam or junk email. If you think your request for a listing has been marked as such and you have filled in our online form, just send us a courtesy email asking if we have received it.

If you have filled in our online form with false information or junk information, do not expect a reply. There is a reason for the form only providing Australia addressing detail!!
6 We DO NOT accept request for 'triangular link swapping'.
7 Do not ask us to link to a website, by offering us links to other websites in your portfolio.
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