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One of the most popular resources used by travellers are the "accommodation networks". These are online services that list a range of places to stay, providing the ability to book accommodation online, from which the accommodation network takes a small commission, either from the owners of the property or from the person booking.

Whilst many accommodation work specialise in hotels, motels and resorts, there are other networks that offer self-contained cottages, houses and apartments, farmstay, bed and breakfast etc. When searching the database of the networks, most provide the ability to specify additional options and facilities such as cooking, laundry, off street parking. Some networks allow you to search for pet friendly accommodation.
Many of the accommodation networks have established themselves with their own brand names. Yet such is the nature of online business, that you will often find that brands are brought out or taken over by larger corporations, who often maintain the name as part of their stable of brands.

The rise of the internet has allowed the traveller to search for 'best deals', 'specials and 'discount rates'. It has made it easy for travellers to quickly search different accommodation networks to compare prices, sometimes even for the same abode.

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