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Bush Food / Bush Tucker / Bush Medicine

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Bush Food / Bush Tucker / Bush Medicine - Indigenous Australia - Resources
With a history dating back over tens of thousands of years, the Indigenous People of Australia have a culture that is tied closely to the land around them. It is a landscape of considerable variation and beauty, from the harsh arid conditions of Central Australia, the tropical rainforests of the far north, through to the temperate coastal regions popular with most modern Australians.

The affinity that the Aboriginal people had with the land has over the many thousands of years evolved into a close understanding of the native flora and fauna. Although some of this knowledge may have been lost, with the appearance of white people to this continent, much is still known and being rediscovered by indigenous people around Australia.

Today, an entire industry has sprung up around this knowledge of Australian Bush Tucker, Bush Food and Bush Medicine.

Some of the knowledge about 'bush food' and 'bush medicine' is depicted in Aboriginal art. Check out our Symbols and flora and fauna section for some information.


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