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Australian indigenous art is a wonderful art form that varies from the traditional dot style to the modernist forms expressed and created by the young up and coming aboriginal artists.

The internet has a number of online galleries from those dealing or specialising in indigenous art, some operated by individual artists themselves, as well as the auction style sites that offer aboriginal art for sale from auction houses and other sellers of aboriginal art. Care should always be taken to ensure the bona fide of those selling the works online.

Following are a list of online galleries specialising in aboriginal art. Whilst those listed here may not have a brick and mortar shop front, things can change over time. Visit their website for more information.

We hope you enjoy our listing and visit their websites, where you can view and purchase the art works of Indigenous Artists in Australia.

Also check out our gallery outlet listing, many of these brick and mortar shops, also have an online presence where you can view their catalogue.

Aboriginal Art - Shop Online

• National Online Gallery

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NSW Online Gallery

NSW Shopfront
Remote Australian Art
• Shop 4, Harriett Place, 78 Albert St, BERRY NSW 2535 • Mobile: 0421 106 000 • Email
• At Remote Australian Art we stock a vast range of Authentic Aboriginal Art work from the most prominent, award winning Aboriginal Artists. We deal direct with the Artist, so you will find our prices extremely competitive.
Walangari Karntawarra
• POTTS POINT NSW • Ph: +61 2 9368 7379 • Mobile: 0414 932 863 • Email
• Walangari Wangardi Karntawarra Jakamarra, also known as Colin McCormack, was born in Alice Springs in 1961. I am of the Arrernte, Luritja, Walpiri, Yankuntjatjarra, Pintubi and Alyawarre peoples of the Central and Western Desert. My Paintings are about my people and culture. I have exhibited abroad in numerous European cities such as Vienna, Paris and Frankfurt, as well as Hong Kong. Visitors can now
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NT Online Gallery

NT Shopfront
Audrey Rubuntja
Audrey Rubuntja
was born in 1942 in the old Alice Springs hospital to Wildred and Lucy Swift of Hermannsburg. She was the second born child, her older sister Amy is deceased. Her parents later adopted another sister, Alisan. Her father worked in the Mission store at Areyonga, and her mother worked as a housemaid for the local pastor at the time.

She has been painting for about 30 years. Her paintings tell stories of family, bush tucker gathering and dreamtime stories. As she explains, ‘My grandchildren love to watch me paint as I tell them stories and explain to them the meaning of the different symbols used. In this modern days we have adapted to the use of acrylic paint to illustrate the same stories that were originally told with drawings done by hand on bare ground’.

She enjoys painting and passing on the gift to the following generations. It is an important part of our culture as Aboriginal People.

You can view some of her works through this website, click here...
Central Art
• Aboriginal Art Store • PO Box 567, ALICE SPRINGS NT 0871
• Ph: +61 8 8952 1711 • Fax: +61 8 8952 1744 • Email • John and Sabine McEwen
A very good online site, well laid out, informative, and where you can view the works of their artists online before purchase. You can browse by artist, as well as by price.
Chetachyre Enterprise
Anmatyerre Aboriginal Art is a special category of Aboriginal Art. The Anmatyerre tribe of the Western Deserts of Central Australia is famous for their art. Chetachyre Enterprise aims to add to this fame of our tribe by making connections and sales to overseas buyers, as well as licensing the copyright and utilising technology to reproduce these artworks on sales items. Ultimately we aim to provide an opportunity to our uncles and aunties who are still living in the camps in the bush on their tribal lands to gain meaningful opportunities to utilise and share their exceptional traditional knowledge of native foods and medicines, and to provide opportunities for direct selling to the customer.
June Sultan Narpandi-Arpungada
Sultanas (Bush Tucker) © June Sultan
June Sultan Narpandi-Arpungada

I have been painting for over 13 years now. My art is inspired by my brother Reg Sultan and my extended family including aunts and uncles.

I have 3 children - 2 daughters and 1 son. My daughters Faye and Margaret also do paintings.

My paintings are traditional stories of bush tucker and bush medicine. I also paint more abstract pieces about Aboriginal culture.

I have been painting here in Alice Springs for some years now. Many of my friends know to find me at Todd Mall, especially on market day. If you are in town, you can usually see me sitting in my camping chair or a blanket on the grassy verge, with my paintings.

You can view some of my works through this website, click here...

Honey ants (Bush Tucker) © June Sultan Sultana (Bush Tucker) © June Sultan Witchetty grubs (Bush Tucker) © June Sultan Honey suckle © June Sultan
Rex Sultan-Jabangardi Sacred Rain Songs - My Dreaming © Rex Sultan-Jabangardi
Rex Sultan-Jabangardi

Rex has been creating his artwork for a number of years, selling both here in Alice Springs (Central Australia) and Adelaide to people from all over the world.

I was born in Alice Springs, and did my schooling in Alice Springs, being taught by the nuns at the Catholic Convent.

I knew I would become an artist when I was young. As a child, I considered Albert Namatjira my idol, and I would sit in the Todd Creek with him and his son Oscar and watch them paint. I was also inspired by my older brother, Reg Sultan, who was an established artist. Reg gave me my first watercolour paints and board.

We are currently creating a website for Rex to showcase some of his works. Once finished you will be able to view some of his works, or to place an order, click here...
Thorny Arts • Authentic Aboriginal Art
• Mobile: 0400 141 871 / 0423 965 361 • Email
• Raymond Japanangka Walters was born in Alice Springs November 1975. His art is an opportunity to share his life experiences and cultural knowledge that has been passed down from his Grandparents and extended family members. Coming from a strong artistic background of well-known artist that include his grandfather Jack Cook, late grandmothers Emily Kngwarreye and Minnie Pwerle, Aunties Margaret Scobie, Gloria Petyerre, Barbara Weir, and Kathleen Petyerre. Raymond’s Grandfather’s country is Yuelamu (Mt Allan) and his Grandmother’s country is Boundry Bore˜Alhalkerre (Utopia). His language groups are Anmatyerre and Alywarre.

Raymond has adopted a contemporary and very unique style of painting, using a wide range of colours and textures.
Trephina Sultan Thanguwa
© Trephina Sultan Thanguwa
© Trephina Sultan Thanguwa
© Trephina Sultan Thanguwa
Trephina Sultan
was born in Alice Springs in Central Australia. Visitors to the Alice Springs area have been purchasing Trephina’s paintings over many years. The paintings reflect her family’s culture, upbringing as a young child, and stories as told by her Elders.

Her work include the ‘dot style’ synonymous with Aboriginal art, including the many symbolism and iconography that represent the vegetation, food source, flora and fauna that is representative of Central Australia. A more recent work, is her ‘Tjanpi Kampanyi’ (Burning Grass), a move away from her previous traditional works.

As well as producing art of different sizes, from the small to the wall size canvases, Trephina has also created pieces by request. A recent commissioned painting incorporated ‘blues’, representing water.

Other works have included the interpretation of stories:
  • Kulu - the landing of a meteorite and the beginning of life
  • Grandmothers Way - Elder Ladies teaching the children stories, songs and dance and to have respect for the land

You can place an order for a commissioned piece by Trephina through AusEmade. For more details and a sample of her works, click here...

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QLD Online Gallery

QLD Shopfront
Aboriginal Art Online
• 4 Ganges St, WEST END QLD 4101 • Ph: +61 7 3846 7766 • Email
Contemporary Aboriginal art is a vital part of the world’s oldest continuous cultural tradition. It is also one of the most brilliant and exciting areas of modern art. The site offers quality paintings and limited editions prints by Aboriginal artists. Check out the Regions and Communities, Land and Cultures, and Traditional Symbols.
Cicada Trading
• MANLY QLD 4179 • Mobile: +61 425228 044 • Fax: +61 7 3348 3049 • Email
Cicada promotes and exports Australian Indigenous art on a mutually beneficial basis. Our objectives are to create successful opportunities for the artists by promoting their immense artistic talents and unique art forms to an international marketplace.
Robert Barton Art • Creating Understanding through Art
• Ph: +61 7 3892 6759 • Email
Our Mission is to 'create understanding through art'. Visit our online art gallery for a full selection of works from our collection. Also some great information including FREE Artist' own tips for finding and investing in contemporary Aboriginal art that saves time, effort and money, Learn insider secrets that an actual artist uses when he buys art, Learn more about the use of iconography and symbols in traditional Aboriginal art. and other Artist' Own Insider Tips Reports.
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